Sunday, January 18, 2009

Madison Beach Hotel-Crow's Nest

Located in Madison.

The Madison Beach Hotel touts itself as "The Shoreline's Best Kept Secret."

It is.
And for good reason.

We live in the adjacent town, and until we happened upon it, quite by accident, on the internet, had never heard of it.

Given that shoreline dining opportunities are a rarity in Connecticut, we were, needless to say, quite excited at this find.

The hotel is located directly on the Madison beachfront.
Inside are the restaurant, The Wharf, and, upstairs, the Crow's Nest Lounge.
We opted for the lounge.
Since the food comes from the same kitchen, I'll assume that the Wharf food is just as awful as that of the Crow's Nest.

To start we ordered an antipasto plate.
This was abhorrent.
It had obviously been sitting out all day.
The Parmesan shavings were so rubbery as to be inedible.

And then it happened.
Our waitress, stood at the table with a list in her hand, comparing what was on the plate to the items on her list, ensuring that we were given exactly what we ordered.
It was the oddest dining moment I have ever been witness or party to.

We had both ordered the fish & chips.
These were awful, both the fish and chips.
The batter had been scorched.
The chips were of the frozen variety, and of the especially awful frozen variety.

It is very disappointing to find such a coveted piece of real estate occuppied buy such an awful dining establishment.

We will not return.

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